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About Us

Who is Graphic Bids LLC

Graphic Bids LLC is a timed auction based website. We specialize in the resale of used industrial and commercial printing/finishing equipment.  Even with 30+  years experience in the field, we strive to learn more each day to provide excellent customer service.

For Buyers

Here at Graphic Bids LLC, we have researched all the top websites out there offering similar services. Tired of companies not answering the phones on auction end day? Better yet how about the long hold times waiting for someone to answer simple questions? Graphic bids as integrated a live chat so you can continue to bid and ask your questions at the same time.  After seeing all the flaws and downsides we decided to fix the common issues and bring customer service back and keep it at the top of our list. We offer a very user-friendly interface where bidding on multiple items you need to push your company to the next level is simple.

How does proxy bidding work?

Proxy bids are when you place the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for an auction and Public Surplus automatically increases the amount of your initial bid for you in set increments. For example: a Press is being sold that you would like to bid on; it's currently listed at $600.00 with an increment level of $50.00; you don't want to pay more than $1000.00. The proxy bid will set your first bid at $650.00 so that you are the winning bidder. If another bid is made for $750.00, the proxy bid will automatically increase your bid amount to $800.00. It will continue doing this until it reaches your maximum bid amount of $1000.00. Proxy bids are very useful for when you don't want to have to watch an auction to verify your bidding status. If you have been outbid, you will receive notification through email.

If there is a reserve price, proxy bidding will automatically bid to try to meet the reserve price. If your maximum bid is lower than the reserve price, your bid will stop at your maximum bid. If the reserve has been met and your maximum bid amount has not been reached, your bid will stop at the reserve price and only proxy bid again when another bidder outbids you.

For Sellers

We know how hard it can be to find an outlet for your used equipment. A lot of the time we have seen companies expect little to nothing for their equipment because they didn’t have time to seek outlets. Here at Graphic Bids, we are the outlet. We are connected to thousands of buyers both foreign and domestic. Take some pictures /video and let us do the rest. Peace of mind should always be #1!!!!

Want Us To Host Your Next Auction?

-No cost to host

-Optional advertisement world wide

-We will come set up and picture everything you want to sell.

Have just 1 Item? We will list it on our next Multi-Location auction.

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